Sunday, October 9, 2011

Teach Me to Live

Lord, I give to you my self
My mind, spirit, body, soul
For you to hold onto
And for you to mold

I ask that you take the mind I have
Make its thoughts Your thoughts
Tell the Enemy he has no rights
Help me to image what I ought

I ask that you take the spirit I have
Make its heart Your heart
Lift me to a better place
Purify and set it apart

I ask that you take the body I have
Make its goals Your goals
Help me to avoid gluttony and sloth
To remember only its role

I ask that you take the soul I have
Make its will your will
Keep it fighting for what’s right
Its wickedness, its fear kill

Lord, take all of me
All I have to give
Teach me how to walk with You
Really teach me how to live