Friday, April 30, 2010

In Memory of Dave

Today is my deceased brother's birthday. It amazes me that he would've been 31 today!! I wrote this poem in his memory.


Today we remember one that we love
We rejoice in the hope that he is above
For the Lord knew his heart better than we
Knew it was time to take him to see
His father in heaven, his brother, his friend
The one that exists from beginning to end

Today we remember the one that we miss
We rejoice in the knowledge that he is all His
For the Lord gave us time with our brother on earth
And, nine years ago he gave him new birth
Sad it did make us for he brought us glee
And empty it left us when he was taken to thee

Today we remember our brother Dave
We rejoice in the memories that he gave
While his time here on earth was selfishly ours
We are saddened that now he is living afar
Yet, with happy hearts we acknowledge we live
With hope for the future that the Lord does give

Today we remember "David" means beloved
We rejoice in the fact that we can now covet
All of the time he spent with us here
Knowing that maybe this is the year
We can truly delight in the love that we feel
As we honor Dave's life with memories so real

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Satan and I are having a chat
Told him I couldn't; he didn't like that
Into my life, he slipped under the hood
Making me wonder if I misunderstood
The biblical lessons I've learned through the years
I now see differently through my tears
Gluttonous, selfish, sinful, nasty
Why would the Lord still want me
Satan continues to whisper his lies
Into his guile I continue to buy
Seeing myself as nothing but bad
I've made him happy that he's had
The chance to get inside my brain
As I sit and wonder if I'm insane
Then, a warm touch on my shoulder I feel
And the Lord YELLS loud that he can heal
He has beaten Satan a long time ago
And I can too if I continue to know
The Lord loves me despite the lies
My soul is snow white in His eyes
Like the song I learned when I was young
On a tack go sit, I tell Satan
Away he goes with all his deception
The Lord he offers a gentle reception
Back by His side, near his voice
Reminding me my perception is my choice
So sinful I am, but now I see
No matter what the Lord loves me

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Winding Road

Confusion has set in concerning my woe
Searching for why You let it be so
If I am loved, then why the heartache
If I am cherished, why must I break

My mind is melting, my pride is gone
I go up and down and can't hold on
Too loose the buckle, too fast the ride
My ups and downs will now collide

Now a complete mess is what I've formed
With dirt, dust, mud I am adorned
Looking around for a place to cleanse
I'm handed a book, told it will mend

Open it up, I hesitate, but do
Again, it's filled with the love of YOU
Circle back to my original query
Why,when I'm loved, must I grow weary

The more I read, the more I know
The pain is merely for me to grow
Closer to You, closer to Love
Love for here, Love for above

Realize then, I'm stronger now
With knowledge that I gain somehow
From this trek, this journey I make
No matter the up and down road I must take

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Through This Trial

Lord, walk with me through this trial
Hold my hand for a little while
Pace your feet in place of mine
Don't let go 'til You know I'm fine

Lord, talk with me through this trial
Whisper to me for a little while
Remind me many times You're at my side
Listen to my praise, my prayer , my cries

Lord, watch over me through this trial
Place your sight here for a little while
Set my eyes to You during this pain
Guide me, shelter me, through the rain

Lord, love me through this trial
Love me more than just a little while
Your Word bears fruit too good to be true
Affirming the hand, the voice, the eyes are YOU


When the panic rises from my soul
I want to have somewhere to let it all go
It is only with you, Lord, that I can be me
My thoughts, my heart, my mind, you see

Yet you remain here, at my side
With all you see, you're here for the ride
Your knowledge of me should have you gone
You all perfect, and me, far from

Without your love, I couldn't go on
The panic would win and I'd be done
Life would be over, it would be for naught
Confusion and pain could no longer be fought

With great gratitude, I sit and praise
For the love you share on these panicky days
With a longing for peace and a longing for rest
Your forgiveness and power I will attest