Friday, April 30, 2010

In Memory of Dave

Today is my deceased brother's birthday. It amazes me that he would've been 31 today!! I wrote this poem in his memory.


Today we remember one that we love
We rejoice in the hope that he is above
For the Lord knew his heart better than we
Knew it was time to take him to see
His father in heaven, his brother, his friend
The one that exists from beginning to end

Today we remember the one that we miss
We rejoice in the knowledge that he is all His
For the Lord gave us time with our brother on earth
And, nine years ago he gave him new birth
Sad it did make us for he brought us glee
And empty it left us when he was taken to thee

Today we remember our brother Dave
We rejoice in the memories that he gave
While his time here on earth was selfishly ours
We are saddened that now he is living afar
Yet, with happy hearts we acknowledge we live
With hope for the future that the Lord does give

Today we remember "David" means beloved
We rejoice in the fact that we can now covet
All of the time he spent with us here
Knowing that maybe this is the year
We can truly delight in the love that we feel
As we honor Dave's life with memories so real

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