Thursday, April 29, 2010


Satan and I are having a chat
Told him I couldn't; he didn't like that
Into my life, he slipped under the hood
Making me wonder if I misunderstood
The biblical lessons I've learned through the years
I now see differently through my tears
Gluttonous, selfish, sinful, nasty
Why would the Lord still want me
Satan continues to whisper his lies
Into his guile I continue to buy
Seeing myself as nothing but bad
I've made him happy that he's had
The chance to get inside my brain
As I sit and wonder if I'm insane
Then, a warm touch on my shoulder I feel
And the Lord YELLS loud that he can heal
He has beaten Satan a long time ago
And I can too if I continue to know
The Lord loves me despite the lies
My soul is snow white in His eyes
Like the song I learned when I was young
On a tack go sit, I tell Satan
Away he goes with all his deception
The Lord he offers a gentle reception
Back by His side, near his voice
Reminding me my perception is my choice
So sinful I am, but now I see
No matter what the Lord loves me

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