Sunday, March 21, 2010

Touch of a Hand

Walking alone, and you feel the hand touch
Thinking, why this just can't be
Running from pain, for life's troubled much
Now you know He looks down to see

The pain that's inside, the pain that surrounds
Thought lonely the walk you would take
But the Lord, He does know, the Lord is around
Through your glory, your pain, your mistakes

Hands held up high, knees bent down low
Tears that do run down your face
For you're all mixed up now, with the Love He does show
You feel warmth, joy, secure; yet, disgrace

For you knew He was there, but you treated Him bad
You turned your back, walking alone
Yet, with grace He provides, To make happy the sad
To bring all sinners back to their Home

It's with tears in your eyes, and love in your heart
That you ask for forgiveness from sin
It's with truth in the Word, and another fresh start
That your new life can finally begin

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