Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Stranger to myself, I have become
Complete total eclipse of the sun
Darkness fills the emptiness
Since being told there's nothing left

No answers that they see for my mind
Calmness, serenity has gone blind
Experts lost at words and advice
Giving up on any successful life

Turn to the Lord for humans fail
Pray He lifts me from my earthly hell
Ready not for heaven, I understand
So desire on earth a nurturing Hand

One so big, so firm, so full
Security which grows not dull
Love so deep, I forget to ask
Why I've obscured behind this mask

What keeps me from letting go
From true trust and not a show
From handing all to Him today
Whether forlorn, furious or gay

The answer so simple and right there
But yet I accuse Him that He must not care
Answer so simple I fail to see
I'm unable to bow down and let it be

Current prayer for strength to know
How to just let it all go
With my Lord, I wish to walk
Quietly hearkening as He talks

His answers, advice I strive to know
It's my reservations that keep it from so
Lord, take me now, my faith so small
Shower me with love, growing my faith tall

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