Friday, June 12, 2009


Sitting all alone, don't know what to do
Mind is full of noise, exhausted and blue
Stuck and trapped, inside the tortured mind
Wondering if a cure, I will ever actually find

Sleep deprived, but overload on thoughts
Can't quite make them out, none want to be caught
Maybe they are happy and I'm left out of touch
My mind is all alone, leaving me to wonder such

Thoughts do crowd me head to toe
But the thoughts can't seem to let me know
What the thoughts are thinking of these days
On my body,soul, tricks are being played

So, it's no wonder that insanity is with me as I sit
And wonder what it is I think of, how in my life they fit
For I'm still me and thoughts are mine even if I have no clue
What they are all about and why I remain so blue

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