Friday, June 26, 2009

My Rock

See, taste, touch, smell and hear
All of the things I cannot bear

My heart aches to the sound of Your voice
Feeling distant from Your handed out joys

My soul desires to feel Your love in my heart
But, like a sword piercing,I can feel we're apart

My dry mouth desires the water of life
But, thirsty I continue through my strife

My being craves the beautiful scent of a rose
Sickly odors remind me You're no longer close

My eyes dream of heaven's celestial view
But, here and now, I only see me without You

Since You promised to never leave my side
I can only conclude, it's me who chose not to abide

And I open my mouth, and call to you bold
My eyes filled with tears, my hands in a fold

Breathing in deep, hoping not to hear "who?"
Praying You'll know my hunger for You

I silently, breathlessly, wait for a reply
Knowing Your love will make my soul fly

And you never abandon, never walk out
Your arms open wide, You whisper, "no doubt"

"I will always welcome my sheep that are lost
You are accepted here without any cost."

And, so now my heart leaps with joy on this day
The day I thank the Lord, He never goes away

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