Thursday, October 1, 2009

Solid Ground

Lord, wrap me up into Your arms
Help me not to feel alarm
Leave me not alone, afraid
Lead me away from the bed I've made

It's been awhile since I was down
On my knees recognizing Your crown
Yet, here you are, still at my side
Curious I become, why You abide

Surely that does not mean I wish You gone
Just confused at Your presence with all I've done
Realizing Your love is who You are
Praising You since this Fall was far

So, since it is I that's walked away
I now humbly ask if I may stay
Knowing your answer is always a Yes
Aware I don't really need to guess

I bow on my knees, kiss Your feet
Praying that Satan can no longer defeat
The faith built on the Rock I've found
Lord, walk beside me on solid ground

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