Saturday, November 14, 2009

Through Your Eyes

I attended a women's conference today at Mt. Zion and was truly inspired by all the speakers. The keynote speaker was Tracey Tiernan from 95.1 SHINE FM. Her words were my inspiration for this newest poem:

Through Your Eyes

Release me from this sin I hold
Allow me warmth from this cold
Shepherd me where I can see
The image only You have of me

Struggle I do, to feel Your love
Claim I'm not suitable for You above
Lost and lonely, walking away
From the only One that vows never to stray

By my side through my dark walk
Silent I am, but I hear You talk
Stubborn I can be as I turn to run
Opposite You, Your love must be done

But, wrong I am for You never leave
You beckon, You call, You grab hold of me
You are all powerful, mighty and strong
You gently guide me from my wrong

My struggle with sin still remains
But, You Lord, love me anyway
I look through Your eyes and I see
A beautiful, cherished, loved by You, me

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