Saturday, November 14, 2009

Transform Me

My journey isn't always where I want to go
Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm low
Knowing my walk is not alone
I continue to tread to my eternal Home

I go into the dark, seeking the light
Knowing the end is worth the fight
The Home I seek, is filled with love
Not an earthly home, but from above

My journey isn't about success and gold
It's the transformation of my soul
I'm marked by my father as His child
Faith of fire, nothing mild

The Love of Jesus Christ, my King
Keeps me going, I'm impelled to Sing
"Lord, transform me now, day and night
Transform me both in the dark and light

Allow my faith to never stray
To be strong both night and day
Jesus Christ, come live in my heart
Until the day's end, from its start!"

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