Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

True Thanks

On Thanksgiving Day, it's easy to forget
It's easy to get caught up in food, fun, and let
The greatest of All be completely forgotten
The Father's gift to all the begotten

The Lord came to dwell on the earth He gave
For the lives that turned themselves away
From His love, from his joy, from His paradise
Lives that sinned without thinking twice

Until the consequences had settled in
And the people comprehended what was sin
For the tree did teach about evil and good
And they still tried to claim they misunderstood

"Oh, it's not my fault, for she was here
And it's not my fault, he said he didn't care
It was the snake that did lie and tricked me so
It wasn't us, dear Lord, keep us white as snow"

But the damage was done and in settled dark
On the souls that continued to remark
That they knew now life that the Lord provided
Was the better way, but all remain divided

Murder, jealousy, sin of all kind
Set in to the earth, set in to the minds
Generations continue to pass it on
Forgetting also to pass the Son

For, He is the answer, the way, the light
He is the truth of all that is right
Jesus came and died for our sins
He fought the serpent and He did win

His redemption passed on to the sinners
To the ones that know He's the winner
For your faith in Christ is all that's required
To claim your Life from the one most admired

From Jesus Christ, Our King of kings
The one to whom the Angel's sing
He's the Love of the world and he's calling You
Place Your faith in Him, that's all you must do

Then, this Thanksgiving Day with family and friends
Tell them all that the Lord has won the end
Tell them all that it's so very easy to do
Open their hearts, and they can win too

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