Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Christmas Poem

Wishing everyone many blessings this Christmas Season!!

God With Us

The blessed virgin Mary carried us our gift
She bore a son in Bethlehem to fulfill the Lord's wish
No man or woman deserves,the gift of this new babe
But, Jesus Christ was born to save us anyway

Joseph was his father, here on this lowly earth
Mary was his mother for she did give him birth
Yet, to the Heavenly Father, Jesus did belong
To think of Him as ordinary would doubtlessly be wrong

Joseph and Mary together, edified true faith
And Jesus taught us all a bit about our place
For when we're feeling mighty, like we're better than the rest
We need to be reminded that we're sinners at our best

When we're feeling lowly, not as good as those around
We must recall faith in Christ, makes us heaven bound
Hence, Jesus was delivered that initial Christmas Day
To counsel all sinners, to make clear the way

He opened the sky, allowing heaven to shine down
He humbled himself, wore the thorn cloaked crown
He came to us in a stable and slept by the sheep
Yet, He lives in our hearts and stays nearby when we weep

He's present when we smile, attendant when we yell
He's our mighty Savior who overcame hell
All powerful love wrapped within a babe that morn
Emmanuel, God with us, on Christmas Day was born

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  1. Karen
    Wanted to let you know I've taken our mother-daughter discipleship group digital :) There is a group at your church, too!