Thursday, April 9, 2009


I've joined a writer's group at my church. One of the assignment's that I chose was to complete the phrase, "The door creaked open and I saw...";so, here's what came out:

An Open Door

The door creaked open and I saw
Beauty surrounding, nothing dull
White as snow, the light did shine
Behind the door, with an open mind

One can see the King of kings
The Lord that makes the angels sing
The ray of hope surrounding life
Where sin has crawled in, causing strife

The peace that's felt when God is near
Amidst a world that's filled with fear
The strength required to get one through
When obstacles bombard, options few

The peace, the hope, the ray of sun
The white light and the strength that's won
Found inside the heart's open door
Of a believer whose life is forevermore

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