Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Cross Carried

The crowd did cry for him to die
They wanted an innocent crucified
They didn't want to see His love
The truth He spoke from the one above

Scourged, thorns crowned upon his head
A heavy cross carried, gall He was fed
Three times He fell, but never gave in
Knowing without Him, we'd be severed by sin

The cross He carried, upon He was raised
Dying, only to come back the third day
Carrying our sin to suffer in hell
From us He desires for us to tell

The truth of what is meant by the cross
So that no one soul will be lost
All of us sinners who could never earn
The greatest gift given so we won't burn

With an ounce of faith, Our souls are saved
Forevermore paradise because He gave
His life, His son, to a world full of sin
So accept Him now, let your new life begin

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