Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

Ok, this is another poem originated from a writer's group assignment. It's just a fun little story...didn't really happen, but it does take into account the power of a three year old!ha...

Super Bee

Just the other day, I was sitting in my room
Something began to fly, I attacked it with a broom
Hearing the little scream, I imagined I should stop
But, so much fun I was having, I went and grabbed the mop

As the scream continued, I bellowed to myself
For the "superman" decided he should fly off of my shelf
I wasn't sure how much slack to give, he was just only three
Now, full fledged yelping, "Mommy, stop, it's really only me"

Self control, I seemed to lose, and "what's that?" I chimed
I acted as if I didn't hear the poor kid in the bind
I began to holler, "Help me, there's a big bee in my room!
I can't seem to get it out with just my mop and broom!"

The poor boy tried his best to get my notice once again
And screamed aloud, "It's just me, I no bee, I just your super friend"
And so, I decided, that as a Mom, I truly should be nice
But, couldn't quite bring myself to listen to my advice

I thought of all the other times, he had jumped off the shelf
All the warnings, threats, lectures, to keep control of himself
And, I pretended one more time, I couldn't hear his scream
And listened to his pleas that his Mom was really mean

The mop and broom flew to the floor as I began to yell
That the only way to get a bee was to tickle it til it fell
So, up I swooped that super bee and put him on the bed
All shook up I made him laugh til "sorry, Mommy" he said

Lesson learned, there would be no more shelf induced flight
I truly thought I had finally won this daily toddler fight
So, in awe I stood just hours after tickling my super bee
To see the flying buzzing pest, sure the joke was on me

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