Saturday, May 23, 2009


When my sin seems to weigh me down
And I feel that You should leave
You hold on tighter to me
For good in me, You see

When my life is on the wrong road
When I'm lost without a clue
Lord, You call me to my destination
Telling me to follow You

You never forsake me
You never walk out
Although, to tears it brings me
You love me, without a doubt

So undeserving do I feel
Of Your arms wrapped around
But You whisper I'm Your child
Reminding me I'm heaven bound

How can I ever thank You
For loving me always
Is it really so simple
To just believe all my days

Now you have my heart
You have my faith and my love
Help me make you happy
My days on earth til time above

Lord, help me tell the world
That what's in my heart is real
That Your sacrifice can save
That faith in You can heal

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