Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Smiles and Frowns

Black and white, up and down
Two extremes like smiles and frowns
Which will I wear this day, this hour
Mysteries of the illness containing power

Call to the Lord morning and night
Please take away this daily fight
Heavy or light, big or small
Today's mood, shiny or dull

A ride I can't seem to keep ahold
Will I be meek or will I be bold
Will I even know at the end of the day
Who I am, the price I must pay

An illness, let in by original sin
So, suffer I must, until new life begins
One day, peace I will find
Seeing the Lord, no longer blind

So, open my eyes, this day, this hour
Help me to fight and no longer cower
Help me to feel You by my side
Give me the strength to no longer hide

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