Saturday, September 18, 2010


My God, My Lord, My Light
Walk with me through this plight
I travel through turbulent times
Unable to clear my mind

The center of my life
Hold my hand through this strife
Grab onto me when I let go
At my side, please let me know

When I fail and let in sin
Remind me I'm still kin
Forgive me all my faults
Intentional or not

Jesus paid the price
He gave us all his life
On occasion I forget
To be grateful my needs are met

Again, I call on You
To forgive and get me through
These tumultuous times I live
I see I ask you to give and give

Please help me open my heart
Guide me to re-start
The relationship I once had
The connection that made me glad

I call to you today
For my mind not to fray
For my soul to be all white
Even during my fight

My fight to overcome
The sin of a guilty one
Offer me your grace
Put a smile back on my face

My God, My Lord, My Light
You have guided me to fight
The sin to which I have succumbed
And I ask to walk with the Holy One

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