Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mixed Up

All mixed up for no one to see
Energetic yet tired, how can that be

It's a feeling that I can't explain
Making me feel on edge, quite insane

Want not to be alone
In this game I play, the mind I call home

Me and me is all I can find
I look around to find I am blind

Nothingness fills the empty void
Monster of darkness is overjoyed

Yet, out in the open is a me that is bold
A me that enjoys life, it never gets old

So, the nothingness, the joy it's all inside
Making life nothing more than a roller coaster ride

Up and down, down and up,
In the middle all shook up

I"m mixed and mashed and turned upside down
So that my frown is a smile and my smile a frown

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