Monday, September 27, 2010


My God, My Lord why are You gone
At a time when i need you most
My mind is a mess, my heart torn
Oh Heavenly Father, Son and Ghost

My mind is irritable, crowded, all mixed up
In a body that's exhausted, worn out
As I drink from this bitter, disgusting cup
Please take it far away from my mouth

I disappoint those that must live with me
Those that have no other choice
But, to miserable, misguided, terrible see
A me that no longer has a voice

A voice to scream and holler to You, Lord
A voice that is strong, in control
A faith that is stronger than the sword
That is coming to chop at my soul

Just a blob of a self that is outside in
A pitiful wreck of a soul
Someone to many that used to be kin
Now seen as nothing but one with no goal

Struggling all day to get out of bed
To be a person that's worth this life
Struggling all day to get out of my head
To be a person not worthy of strife

Lord, I use all the strength that recently lapsed
The mustard seed sized faith that I own
To call once again, with belief that perhaps
You can save me from pain that has grown

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