Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mind's Request

Lord won’t you please take me out of this hell
Heal my body, my soul, my mind make well
I can no longer battle this ongoing fight
I’ve abandoned my duties, given my children a fright

I want to be whole again, learning to live
For worship, service, love I long to give
Yet, here I am alone, sitting in the fire
With such strong emotions, release I desire

I feel terribly ashamed, afraid and confused
I call to You, for all my strength I have used
Yet no where do I hear the sound of Your voice
I used to believe that was all my choice

But, now I do wonder why You’ve been gone so long
As I carry a tune to the “Lord Hear Me” song
My heart, I thought, was free to hearing Your shout
My ears weary of waiting for You to call out

My mind is an absolute mess on its own
With You gone, my Lord, it’s truly alone
It’s up and it’s down, it’s empty and full
It’s frightened, confused, craving a tug and a pull

From its creator, its maker, the one who is You
It desires Your presence while it’s feeling so blue
But, again, Lord it calls with a response none
And it continues to cry, scream, shout and have fun

The crying is sad, the fun it is scary
It longs for some time with you to tarry
Rest together so it can calm and be healed
Lord, please return, is my mind’s strong appeal

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