Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Direct Our Discipline

(This one may be a little more personal as my daughter that suffers from a mood disorder was struggling to keep it together. As we both continue the medication adjustment game, emotions are on high alert. As she screamed for an hour over a simple chore(and no, during her stable times she doesn't do this!!), I was at my end wondering how exactly to approach the situation...)

There are many things in this life, You ask us to let go
Deciphering what to keep, relieve is difficult to know
Discipline our children as You discipline Yours
Should arguments abound over simple things like chores

Your love so great, Your wisdom pure, You raise your children well
Without your purity and insight, how can we ever tell
What is it we should say, what is it we should do
Our children have many struggles, many crying out to you

Without a direct answer, how can one so small
Be expected to hold on to faith, they never felt at all
You welcome children with open arms and great massive love
Still in innocence they are, but don't know how to look above

It's to our keeping, their growth you trust
How do we decipher insignificant and must
Your truth in word, your truth in print is available
But, without concentration, finding it we're unable

Speak to our hearts, deep to our souls
Help keep our children from the cold
From impatient bitter hearts setting in
Defrost our core and guide our discipline

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