Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Cave so dark, quiet fear
Signs of danger I can hear
Survival depends on being sure
Predators I do not lure

One mistake and it's complete
By my own fault I will be beat
Private silence to take the time
My fate relies on my mind

For an unclear mind can deceive
And trap me into false belief
That choices made are all mine
When in fact that is a lie

The predator will come and devour
If I retreat and hand over the power
The type of mind needed in this situation
Is strong willed and filled with clarification

The reality brings me back to fear
Since my mind is lost and unclear
To be reliant on myself to exist
Promotes the panic to persist

Survival is left more to fate
As I sit back in prayer to wait
God speaks and calls me to His side
He says that with me He'll abide

Trust in Him I"ll have to place
For alone it's sure I'll lose the race
I"m reminded of Daniel in the Lion's Den
Encouraged by God claiming me as friend

Through the dark, I'll find the light
No longer blind, with newfound sight
Admit with trepidation I still stroll
Breaking free of the cave remains the goal

Uneasy the walk still is
With shaky faith that I give
My life to the Savior that I claim
So that once cave free I will be sane

1 comment:

  1. This is so descriptive.
    You have such a way of sharing things, it makes your meanings so clear.
    Praying here!