Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It is clear that each one holds an opinion
Family and friends, with good-hearted intentions
Sometimes it's the right thing, sometimes it's the wrong
But, each time that they try their love's showing strong

The good-hearted intentions can just as well hurt
Preconceived notions and colloquies curt
The agony positioned upon my sleeve
Heartache and tears for all to see

Sometimes it's the hurdle I can't overcome
The dejected melody that can't be sung
Looking around for the support that I crave
Knowing the fight alone I'm not required to brave

It's only with You, Lord,that I can come clean
It's Your love, Lord, that provides what I need
It's perfect, it's sacred, it's more than a dream
It's unconditional love, love dispensed for free

To be loved with no conditions
To not have any inhibitions
To know I cry out and you see all my flaws
To know that you carry me through all the trials

To know I am weak, and you Lord are strong
And you love me, completely, whether I'm right or I'm wrong
It's what gets me through my day
It's what picks me up, Lord, and shows me the way

It's the love that only can come from One
The Trinity: Holy Spirit, Father and Son
It's you, God, that I call upon
When I'm weak and can't bring myself to go on

Lord, it's you. It's unconditionally, You.

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