Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Real Enemy

Through trials and strife, I will bloom
Faith will begin to radiate
For the changes seen that grow around
Cannot just be the hands of fate

God's mighty powerful hand
Controls my destiny
If only I can trust more when it's tough
Relying less on me

The plans our Father has for my time
I cannot understand
But, unconditional love I can place
Making my destiny more grand

Riches in material things
Is not my goal for life
Riches in spirit, love, and wisdom
I can gain through my strife

Promised to me by my Lord
When I hand to Him my all
Reliance on my Savior
Who overcame the Fall

Responsibility I must take
In my self made decisions
Recognizing the real Enemy
His self glorifying mission

Blaming the Lord for my woes
Aggrieves only me
It furthers Satan's goal
Affecting my destiny

Today as events seem better
It's easy for me to say
The Lord had a helping hand
In creating my superior day

But, when things begin to disintegrate
I pray to my Father now
That I will have the presence of mind
To continue on my knees to bow

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