Sunday, February 1, 2009

Assurance (2009)

Lord, I wake this morning, with stresses all around
Lead me in this day, as new issues abound
I bow down at Your feet, questioning Your desire
Turn my heart from coldness, make my Love for You on fire

Have my trust flourish, my belief in You stay strong
Give me patience, perseverance as the feud remains long
Aid my family to unite, depend on You to get us through
Wash the doubt away from those who blame our troubles all on You

The difference in assurance that You are on our team
Can hinder the healing needed, creating compassion to grow mean
Reach out to those who need Your touch, who need to know You're there
For the hopeless in our family will concede, and fail to care

I lay my heart at Your feet, my desires for You to hear
Giving You all I have, so this struggle I can bear
Guide me with Your mercy, embrace my family today
Rid me of my weariness, have my trust in Your Will not fray


  1. Hi Kare, I came to visit by way of nine acres (my niece-inlaw). Your poetry and prayers are absolutely beautiful, very inspiring. I will drop back to visit again soon. Keep the Faith and God Bless. Come visit me sometime also

  2. How empowering for you to be able to express your feelings/emotions the way you do! I am the other half of Nine Acres feature of new bloggers! Stop by and visit anytime, I too have children!