Friday, January 30, 2009

In Your Holy Arms (2009)

When problems begin rolling in, you implore us not to wonder
But, "wherefore" questions begin to roar like fear inducing thunder
Striving to surrender to faith the "how comes" and the "whys"
As the weight of the cross grows oppressive and tears fill up the eyes

Human nature overcomes, we find ourselves inside
Contemplating reasons behind the frightening ride
For many burdens in this life you ask us to endure
When we see our children sick we ask you for a cure

So, our inability to see eternal makes us want to know
If for our children we want peace why with you it isn't so
Turning to the Scriptures left we know our feelings lie
For love you are and ever will be and pain does make you sigh

Hence, when our burdens weigh us down, the ride has gotten eerie
In Your Holy arms You wrap your children who've grown weary
The bigger picture we can't see, the Love we turn away from
Thus, continue rapping on our hearts until our queries mum

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