Friday, January 30, 2009

Loneliness (2008)

Loneliness lingers in the air
Searching tirelessly for someone to care
Loneliness lies beside the sea
Searching tirelessly for someone called me

Heartache hungers to be fed
Seemingly enjoying a lonely bed
Heartache hears loneliness call
Seemingly enjoying a someone's fall

Someone searches for the light
Craving deliverance from this plight
Someone strikes at heartache's scheme
Craving deliverance from this dream

Savior screams to come His way
Desiring to take the pain away
Savior swallows all of the sin
Desiring to take someone as kin

Someone struggles in faith to hope
Searching furiously for ways to cope
Someone screams back at Savior's cry
Searching furiously for reasons why

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