Friday, January 30, 2009


(This requires some background. This poem is the comic relief that I promised. My father read my one of those "Dear Abby", "Ann Landers" type articles...I think he said it was "Dear Amy". The question was from a fifty year old man, with a wife and two children. His father-in-law had himself retired at the age of fifty, sold a lucrative business and enjoyed the high life. The in-laws ran into some financial difficulty and asked each of their children to send them 300 dollars per month. The now fifty year old son-in-law, was needless to say, not too thrilled. He questioned whether he should force his wife to go back to work(and threw in some digs about her over-spending as well). The original article was much more humorous than I am able to give you, but here was my take...)

Golf resorts, cars and boats
Retirement fund depleted
Great enjoyment from fifty on
But, now my son-in-law feels cheated

I sent a letter to my children
Asking for monthly funds
The reply from my daughter's husband
Had my good mood come undone

Why should I give up my porche
My country club and gym
I have the right to live it up
Don't know what's bothering him

He works to pay for my grandkids
To live it up as well
But, lousy husband to my daughter
She must feel she's in hell

She called me crying, all upset
He demands she goes to work
Just to pay for his in-laws
Oh man, what a slimy jerk

He seems to not understand
Responsibility he has
I raised a beauty for him to wed
What nerve to treat us bad

If I had to do it all again
I'd refuse my daughter's hand
And find a rich, naive lad
To become my little girl's man

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