Friday, January 30, 2009

Up (2009)

(My pastor gave a beautiful sermon about looking up and trusting the Lord. He talked about not asking why and just asking "what do you want from me now?" The sermon is still available at I could never do it justice!!)

He gives us each our cross to bear
We begin to think He doesn't care
He calls us to Him through our pain
We begin to feel that we're insane

We wonder why our belief in Him
Would be returned with suffering
But fail to see the lesson sent
His call, His love, His true present

It's through the pain that we will find
He gives His love, He's not unkind
It's hard to see when Satan calls
And tells us he can break the walls

The walls that keep us caged in tight
It's what we think we have to fight
But, Satan's power is not as great
As he has claimed to use as bait

For the walls we feel, the cross we bear
It's there to protect us with His care
He says look up, look down no more
Satan's lying to settle the score

But, it's up to us to look up high
Not up to us to wonder why
The Lord does know what's good for us
His love is ours if we just trust

It's ours to take, it's ours for free
But looking down, we cannot see
The works Satan does in his own name
Will not bring walls down or ease pain

It's only God's great Holy Name
That will rid us of eternal pain
So hang in there with the cross you hold
Look up, not down and scream out bold

Lord, I give you my worries now
My pain, my aches, my solemn vow
That you own me, and now I know
My heart to you is white as snow

So, I will try not to wonder why
It is through pain that I must cry
I will try and just give love
And look not down, but up above

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