Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Family Christmas (Christmas 2008)

Ok, this is one of the sillier poems. I was having fun with this..enjoying the happy mood!

This Christmas, I'm thinking I'm mucked in the head
Four energetic children that never go to bed
Wrapping four sets of gifts to set out
So Santa stays secret from the two younger sprout

Feet feel like fire, eyes are dreary
Days flying by as I grow weary
But, Christmas is more about Jesus, I hear
And less about Santa and his flying reindeer

True, I do say, but it doesn't change
The fact that my life is on rearrange
So the four little rugrats each have a smile on their face
So, neighbors and in laws don't think Mom's a disgrace

So, if you're thinking a large family's what you need
Listen closely to my words, thoughts, and warnings do heed
Consider the cost of gas, energy, food
Make sure you enjoy being in a lousy mood

Through all that, however, they will brighten your day
Four, I hear, might not be a big family, some say
For me, it is perfect, I figured it out
They can eat little, go colder and run less about

It's their poor little ears that have to listen to me scream
I tune out their yelps all day long that I"m mean
So this mom loves the four darlings, the lot
Just don't ask how they feel for the mom that they got!

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