Friday, January 30, 2009

The Mustard Seed (2007)

Fighting fighting not to give in
Anger, sadness want to win

Seeing around me all the good that I have
Can't understand why I feel so bad

Headaches, panic are on their side
Trying so hard just to take it in stride

Unbearable, sometimes, the fight can be
Screaming, crying will become me

Maybe different today will turn out
Happy, content words are nicer to shout

But, oh so tired, do I feel
The kind, the good start to seem unreal

Struggling struggling to understand
Feelings, thoughts that seem out of my hand

Prayers make me feel utterly alone
Lost is the faith I used to call home

Taught faith required as small as a seed
Will bring hope and answers to those in need

Mine must be smaller:although a seed's not that big
To grow it inside, I really must dig

Some say to enjoy sun, you must suffer the rain
Only hope I don't drown in the flood of this pain

For the sun will rise, another hour or day
And I won't understand how the rain went away

But I'll enjoy warmth and hope the seed inside grows
So with faith I can fight the anguish nobody knows

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