Friday, January 30, 2009

Truth? (2008)

(This one may need a note. I was struggling with personal issues that may not relate to anyone. My husband battles a more physical battle of psoriatic arthritis and one of my children also struggles with a mood disorder. Add on regular life, and this is what came out...)

Why have you boxed us in so tight
Never to get out
Everyday it is a fight
Aim daily not to pout

His pain will never go away
She can never find peace
Strength is tested day by day
We long for some release

Daughter lost in her own hell
Fighting to stay grounded
Try to tell her all is well
Lies that must be pounded

So tired of this daily strife
Tired of the pain
Just so sick of this whole life
No wonder I'm insane

There's no happy ending
Not one that I can see
Once their in bed, there's no pretending
The future is not pretty

He will never be relieved of pain
She will always be prone to cry
Dreaming has been done in vein
Crash, the consequence of high

What is the reality, the truth
Is it seen when feeling joy
Or is the pain, the suffering, proof
The cheerful is a ploy

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