Friday, January 30, 2009

Your Promise (2008)

Down has grown deeper
Wish I knew why
Prayers have grown stronger
But so have yearnings to die

If Satan is smart
which we know that he is
He'll fight for my soul
Just as I fight to live

Jesus is stronger
Jesus will win
So, Jesus take over
Deny Satan this kin

I can no longer fight
But know that You will
Save me from my thoughts
And Satan's thrill kill

Self hatred in full bloom
Spit on self worth
But you Lord have owned me
Since my re-birth

I call to you now
I want you to know
That Satan may be winning
My energy is slow

You promised your presence
You'll be at my side
Lord, please squash my doubts
Kill my sin, Kill my pride

Grow my faith in You
Not buds, but full bloom
Take over my thoughts
Tell Satan, "no room"

I love you and trust you
But I'm tired and depressed
I'm trying to be honest
You promised me rest

Win now the battle
That's inside ablaze
Show me life's worth
How faith can amaze

I hand it to You
I hand you my life
Though I wish it were easy
I'll grow in my strife

Just one request
Death thoughts are so strong
Relieve me this fight
As it's grown tiring and long

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