Friday, January 30, 2009

The Gentle Breeze (2009)

Wind so strong we're shaken, shadows upon the earth
We feel we're being tested, we feel that we've been cursed
Dark clouds have come rolling in, tension on the rise
We're caught off guard, resentful of the unpleasant surprise

We hurry to bow down, hastening out of the rain
But seldom do we hit our knees in faith relieving pain
Soaked and scared, tired, wet, we hide beneath the tree
Head is down to protect;so, truth we cannot see

Thunder roaring, lightning bolts, refusing the disguise
Some will see with shadowed sight, dark clouds mark their eyes
Silent time to take it in and you will find the source
Take off the shades, look up, find the beauty in the force

Perception is a choice, so take another look
God has given you the answers in His Holy Book
Bowing down for shelter is unlike worship on your knees
For those upon their knees in faith, will feel a gentle breeze

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