Friday, January 30, 2009

Which Me?

(This poem was written at the very beginning of my major mood swings(I"m sure I've always had some...and am recalling more of them as I look back). But, I felt very confused and wasn't sure who I was...many times I still feel this way!)

Frightened not of me, but the me I don't know
The me that I am, sits back for the show

Me that I am, may be wrong terminology
Me that I thought I was, describes more accurately

To think that there's me thinking there's a me that I'm not
Is causing one of the me's nerves to be taut

Not sure who is who or who it is I thought I was
Thoughts in some me are causing a buzz

A buzz in my mind, a buzz in my ear
Causing life to be filled with unauthorized fear

I know the me that I thought I was feels
The me I don't know makes life quite surreal

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