Friday, January 30, 2009

Grain of Rice (2009)

Our faith is like a grain of rice, a single grain alone
But, when we add another one, our faith begins to grow
Jesus tells us when there's more than one gathered in His name
Our prayers are heard, our praises claimed, our belief likely to remain

Although, we're asked to go alone and pray to not reward in pride
We're also asked to build a church and gather numerous inside
A grain of rice all alone, will not a hearty meal make
But gather grains from all around will fill the stomach's ache

It is the same with Christians that gather all around
Alone in faith they will find their return to the solitary town
All alone they'll begin to think Jesus is not there
Together they should find stark protection from Satan's lair

Blissful, distressing, tumultuous times, the truth remains the same
Without the Lord by your side, you'll find yourself ashamed
For through the Lord we do the things that are pleasing to our Father
Without the Lord to walk with us, our efforts we should not bother

And it is only with the Church, that you remain in faith
It's the strength in faith the Church supplies, you'll receive His Holy Grace
We are called not to walk solitary, for we are bound to fail
In His Holy Book we're told, together our faith won't pale

Of course, your faith is personal, the Lord walks by your side
But, without brothers, sisters to support, you'll find a tougher ride
So, gather many grains of rice, and fill a hefty bowl
Allow the meal to satiate and redeem your newly born soul

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