Friday, January 30, 2009

Ho Hum (2009)

A crowded brain where thoughts are few
What does it mean, impart a clue
For thoughts to circle and crowd your mind
But, they mean nothing, not mean or kind

It's as if it's all just noise
Clanging, clattering, big band toys
Squeezing pain, constant jumble
Left vs. right in a rough and tumble

A fight that no one side has won
Long fighting that hasn't just begun
It comes and goes throughout the day
As minutes and hours drift away

No one else will understand
They'll say kind things and shake your hand
They'll say that time will make it gone
But peace you long for and there's none

Peace from the words that make no sense
Peace from the noise that makes you tense
You pray and count and wait and see
If life will ever become easy

Cause it's hard as hell to sit and wait
To see if craziness abates
It's difficult when you need to be
A mom, a wife, a friend to thee

It becomes impossible to live in peace
You beg God for some mind release
You preach that you should just accept
But, in reality your needs aren't met

Confusion takes control of you
It's seen in everything you do
So, good to no one you've become
And life ticks on ho hum ho hum

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