Friday, January 30, 2009

The Greatest Gift (Christmas 2008)

The Greatest Gift to us is life
Given through His Sacrifice
To have a child you know must die
Just to save lives that kill, steal, lie

Love so Great, to us unknown
Through His death to us is shown
A star so bright,a baby born
Time to rejoice, not to mourn

Years later, considerable work to be done
He came to teach He is His Son
Again, life failed to understand
And hammered nails into His hand

But, through His death, eternal life
No greater gift, His sacrifice
Christmas is a time to cheer
A time to know the Lord is near

Lights and hymns, gifts on the tree
Mean nothing if life fails to see
Cleanse your soul this Christmas season
Accept the Lord, understand the reason

Christ is calling, no funds due
Eternal happiness is calling you
To those who see, Christmas joy to thee
To those who don't, come pray with me

Lord, for Your gift, we do thank You
Your life for ours, our souls anew
I accept You now into my heart
A savior needed to re-start

My gift to God this Christmas time
My life You own, no longer mine
His gift to us, as you now see
His life for ours, how can that be

Merry Christmas to life that has been taught
God's free gift cannot be bought
So, know that Santa, reindeer, toys
Are fun to have, they bring us joys

But, Christmas without Christ is null
His life, His gift overcame the Fall
Pass this on, give God a gift
Souls He will own, new on His list

Pass this to those who've never known
Those who require to be shown
The truth of what is Christmas day
A Savior born to point the way

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