Friday, January 30, 2009

The Great I AM (2008)

Great I AM, The truth
Great I AM, The light
The Is, the Was, the Ever Shall Be
The One that made the night

Creator of His Kingdom
Creator of the Earth
Maker of the Heavens
Lift me of this curse

Can it be my faith is weak
My sins are not forgiven
Thought that wasn't possible
The Cross has Opened Heaven

Must be something else
Something I can not see
Why so many complications
For ONE family

Physical illness, financial stress
Emotions gone amuck
Even touched by death so young
Don't say it's just bad luck

A higher purpose must exist
or this is all for naught
Praying the truth comes from
The bible lessons taught

Life has grown so complicated
Can you hear my plea
Are you listening Oh Great Love
The Is, the Was, and Ever Shall Be

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