Monday, February 23, 2009

Poems Written a Few Weeks Back

I forgot to add these. These were written a couple of weeks ago.


Wings of a bird so young
Closed and unable to fly
The song of a baby bird sung
Peeps, attempts and shy

Become, I have, like that young bird
Fearful of leaving it's nest
An adult's life that's become absurd
Unable to pass life's test

Praying I'll grow like the chick will
And my wings will open wide
Sitting upon my window sill
Anticipating my very first glide

Trusting God as the hatchling does
Upon it's first leap from the tree
I will open wide my wings because
I"m secure He'll take care of me


The vast depths of the ocean
The crashing waves upon the sand
Beauty found, peace surrounds
Eyes closed, listening on land

Staying in that peaceful place
Where the beauty captivates
Keeping my eyes closed tightly
As life around me refuses to wait

For on the sand I prefer to stay
It's safe, secure and free
Afraid I am to open my eyes
Petrified of what might be

For once my eyes are no longer bound
Reality I will find
Debris, polluted water and sand
Beauty washed away from my mind

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